Scientific Study on PID by IMEC


The study Potential induced degradation (PID): a test campaign at module level was conducted by IMEC.

Together with this renown European independent research institute, we scientifically investigated PID. This formed the basis of the development of our solution to the PID problem: Pidbull.



1. The test (as prescribed by IE 62804) showed that only 22 % of the tested modules passed the 5 % loss criteria. In other words, 78 % out of a set of today’s most installed PV modules are PID sensitive.

2. After recovering these PV modules with Pidbull, an overall regeneration is clearly shown.


The test proves that Pidbull technology cures PV modules from PID.

Taking normal degradation into account, it is however important to detect PID in an early stage in order to be able to recover the PV modules to the original level.

The scientific study conducted by IMEC shows the impact of PID on the 50 most popular solar panels

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