As a leading producer of renewable energy in Belgium, Edison Energy continuously strives to maximize the performance of its own solar parks. When Solon demonstrated the existence of PID in 2010, the only right thing we could do was to seriously investigate the possibility of degradation of our PV assets.

The search for a solution for detection and recovery of PID was the priority of the R&D department we established. We collaborated with Imec to develop the Pidbull PID solution. Pidbull guarantees long-term yields reliably because it was designed from an owner’s perspective. It is by far the reliable choice for PV asset owners, O&M providers and investors in solar panels.


As part of our asset management activities, we were confronted with PID. This form of accelerated degradation occurs in PV systems that have been operational for only a few years.

Recovering and protecting your PV plants from PID is the most important and easy to obtain optimisation.

After researching the PID phenomenon, in collaboration with the independent European research centre IMEC, we developed and patented our own technological solution: Pidbull.

Pidbull USP’s:

  • Effective without interfering with the daily operation of the PV system
  • Easy-to-install in all types of PV configuration
  • Robust to last for the next 20 years

Initially, the new system was extensively tested on our own industrial solar plants. Thanks to the spectacular results and the increasing demand from fellow asset owners, Pidbull was further developed and perfected. The official certificates emphasise the high quality standard.